driscoll on the coast

august 25-26 | central coast, nsw, australia

95% of tickets sold + no more password

August 19th, 2008. Published under news, video. 2 Comments.

95% of Driscoll on the Coast tickets have been sold. There are only a few tickets left for SICK OF RELIGION (Tue 26 Aug) and a handful for LOVIN’ THE COAST (Mon 25 Aug). The password has now been removed and the tickets are freely available. Tickets are only $10 for each night. HURRY – the tickets won’t last!

Mark Driscoll’s personal invite to these events:

80% of tickets sold

August 5th, 2008. Published under news. No Comments.

Mark Driscoll will be speaking in less than 3 weeks time. There are 3 things you need to know about Driscoll on the Coast:

  1. There aren’t many tickets left (more than 80% sold)
  2. You can’t expect to turn up on either night without a ticket
  3. The current password will be lifted from the rego page on Tuesday August 12.

If you still need to purchase tickets… time is running out! Do it today.

Register online | Mark Driscoll’s Video Invitation | Lovin’ the Coast | Sick of Religion

Rego is now open

July 1st, 2008. Published under news. No Comments.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Info on finding password. Watch Mark Driscoll’s personal invite.

Mark Driscoll invites you…

June 29th, 2008. Published under news, video. 1 Comment.

…to LOVIN’ THE COAST + SICK OF RELIGION in August 2008. Registration opens July 1. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Click here to see the video on YouTube.


June 28th, 2008. Published under news. No Comments.

Only a couple of days until rego opens for Driscoll on the Coast.
There are limited tickets available. Don’t miss out!

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Rego open July 1

June 22nd, 2008. Published under news. 1 Comment.

Registration for LOVIN’ THE COAST + SICK OF RELIGION? opens on Tuesday July 1 @ 9am. There are a LIMITED NUMBER OF TICKETS available for each night. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Tickets cost $10 for each night. Free tickets are available for your friend on Tuesday night – these are not to be used by cheap skates!

Members/attenders of partner churches will have first priority on tickets. A password will be required to purchase tickets during the first week. This password can be found on the top right corner of all POSTCARDS (the physical ones handed out in church); in church bulletins on the 28/29 June and in front-of-church announcements on the same weekend.

CONTACT US with any questions

Check out the website for more info: www.driscollonthecoast.com

Email Newsletter

May 31st, 2008. Published under news. No Comments.

Online registration for LOVIN’ THE COAST and SICK OF RELIGION? will be available soon.

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Driscoll on the Coast 2008

May 21st, 2008. Published under news. No Comments.

MARK DRISCOLL will be spending two nights on the Central Coast (NSW, Australia) in August 2008.

LOVIN’ THE COAST …Re-thinking Mission to the Coast
Mark Driscoll will speak about how being on mission with Jesus is the best way to love the Coast.
MON 25 Aug | 7pm @ Mingara

SICK OF RELIGION? …Discover why Jesus hates Religion too
Mark Driscoll will speak about how following Jesus has nothing to do with religion.
TUE 26 Aug | 7pm @ Mingara

Jesus vs. Religion

May 7th, 2008. Published under video. No Comments.

Mark Driscoll will be coming to the Central Coast on August 25-26, 2008. Information about tickets will be available soon. Watch this space…

Vintage Jesus

April 29th, 2008. Published under text. 3 Comments.

by Mark Driscoll

No one is more loved or hated than Jesus Christ.

Jesus was born in a small town to a poor, unmarried teen mother roughly 2,000 years ago. He was adopted by Joseph, a simple carpenter, and spent the first thirty years of His life in obscurity, swinging a hammer with His dad.

Around the age of thirty, Jesus began a public ministry that included preaching, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and befriending people who were marginalized because they were perverts, drunks, thieves, and such. Jesus’ ministry spanned only three short years before He was put to death for declaring Himself to be God. He died by shameful crucifixion like tens of thousands of people had before Him.


Contending for the Gospel

April 14th, 2008. Published under video. No Comments.

On Self-righteousness

April 6th, 2008. Published under text. 1 Comment.

“Self-righteousness has so seeped into American Christianity that being a missionary to one’s neighbours is easily overlooked because of the sickness of our faith. How sick are we when the most popular books among American Christians are about how to get blessed by praying a small section of Old Testament Scripture like a pagan mantra, and about the Rapture, as if the goal of the Christian life were to get more junk and leave this trailer park of a planet beore God’s tornado touches down on all the sinners? Only through repentant eyes will we see that God has a plan, by the power of the gospel of grace, to build a community of transformed people.” (p.78 The Radical Reformission)

Talk about Jesus

March 29th, 2008. Published under video. 2 Comments.